Hi there, my name is Emanuel also known as Manne. I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. I am a IT Technician / Problem Manager by profession and by passion I am a graphic designer or a dream architect. I always dreamed that I could fly, Everytime I see the sky.

I’m not a starving artist. I’m a surviving artist. Art is my life, it is my religion, it is my international language. Art was my surviving asset in all that has happened to me and is happening to me right now. It helps me to survive during difficult moments in my life. Today, art is the backbone of my life and the way I express my feelings and emotions. “The Secret” and the art is a part of who I am.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or make a comment on a picture you like. Be Happy and don’t forget to Smi:)e

Hold your dreams and Don’t ever let it go.

Visit my Photoblog if you like to see a more overview of my work and dreams.

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